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About Flowers and Scumbags

Welcome to Flowers and Scumbags Custom Attire, where creativity meets Colorado craftsmanship.

      Our Roots in Colorado: Our store is proud to call Colorado home, and our artist is a native of this beautiful state. Based in the vibrant city of Denver, our artist draws inspiration from the Rocky Mountains, the Mile-High City's culture, and the ever-changing seasons.

      Meet the Artist: Behind every piece of custom attire is a passionate Colorado native. Our artist brings a unique perspective and local flair to every creation. With a deep love for this state, our artist's work reflects the spirit of Colorado.

      Local, Small Batch, Handcrafted Excellence: We take pride in our small-batch production process. Each item is meticulously crafted right here in Colorado, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. By choosing Flowers and Scumbags Custom Attire, you're not only supporting local talent but also contributing to the thriving art scene in Denver.

      Thank you for choosing Flowers and Scumbags Custom Attire, where our roots run deep, and our creations are as unique as the state we call home.

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